Plan With Me Video & My Current Planner Layout

I’m gonna be honest… I don’t understand the whole appeal of Plan With Me videos in their full 27 minute glory. Speed them up and set them to music, and I’m there! So, that’s what I did this week… Make the content you want to see, right?

There’s a lot talk about “planner peace” and, although as far as I’m concerned it’s a myth, I think I’ve gotten pretty close to that with my Happy Planner and the way I do my current layout.

It just works. I know where to look for what I’m trying to find. I can use the full deco boxes that spark joy when I have them. The simplicity works for my chaotic brain. It’s functional and pretty.

Sticker Kit is from the Birds Fly Monthly Nest Sub Box. No, I’m not PR or anything for her, I really do use her stuff a LOT. Date Dots are the Rose Gold ones from Erin Condren; I grabbed them from the store when I was in Austin last year. I have some foiled stickers from Azalea City Planning and The Cynical Planner in there too.






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