Disclaimers & Contact

Hey Friend. Looks like you’re trying to get in touch with me. Whereas I can’t wait to see your name in my inbox, I want to touch on a few things before you hit that send button.

Find Me On Social Media:

I have a Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter that I check far too frequently. If you’re just wanting to say hey, those are the places to go.

Affiliate Link & Advertising Disclaimers:

I use Amazon Affiliate links whenever possible. This does provide a small commission if you choose to purchase something I recommend. It funds my ongoing Starbucks habit.

I will also use referral links to products I recommend if I have them. This also does provide me a small incentive, usually in small discount for my own account. If these referrals are ever more than what is provided to all users, I will disclose that as it is necessary.

Lastly, I do not control the ads on this page at this time. Sometimes they are strange. We roll with it.

Before You Contact Me, Please Know:

  • Yes, I am open to partnership and sponsorship discussions if it is a product or service that makes sense for me, my readers, and my lifestyle. Please contact me below for rates and details.
  • I am not looking for SEO or Web Design help. I will delete all messages regarding this.
  • If you are looking to hire me for freelance work, please go to kiwibailey.com for more information.

If all that sounds good, feel free to send me an email at k.d.bailey88@gmail.com or use the form below. I will try my best to get back to you within 48 hours.

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