Winter Plannerland 2018

This marks my 6th, that’s right, 6th planner event of 2018. I might be in deep.

So, I drove to Atlanta to hang out with my friends and go play with stickers at an annual event called Winter Plannerland. I went last year, and it was amazing. This year, I have my planner squad and I’m thrilled that some of them came too. 

​The excitement is there… it just needed some coffee to make it out of my brain. All told, it was about a 5 hour drive down to the Lake Lanier Resort thanks to traffic, gas fillups, coffee breaks, and the fact that my kidneys make me pee all the time now.
It was a super busy weekend, and so I’m just gonna hit the highlights.
Workshops on Friday Night were awesome.

​We got to pick three. I planned a 365 Day project with Wonton In A Million (above… ignore the 100… it’s 365), Talked about project planning with Carrie Elle (who I think I want to be when I grow up), and made awesome dashboards and cards with Capitol Chic Designs (who’s shop is sadly on vacation and who I also want to be when I grow up).
Roomed with planner bestie Leslie, and after a disappointing dinner of Doritos because apparently a fancy resort doesn’t have any food available after 11pm on a Friday (wtf?), we wisely ordered breakfast room service to greet us bright and early for Saturday.

​Best Life being lived.

Then it was down to the conference hall for the main day of Winter Plannerland.

We were at Table 11, generously sponsored by Triple Threat Planner. Everything was Nutcracker themed. Omigod, was it beautiful. KitLife gave everyone these beautiful pale blue Pashminas (which I have been wearing non-stop since getting it). Our tablemates were awesome and SO generous with their gifts as well. Hands down the best table I’ve sat at all year.

Leslie is thrilled that this isn’t the shitshow that the Knoxville Plannerland was!

 So, let me tell you about this shoe trophy that was part of our table swag. Triple Threat Planner is an “arts” themed shop, so a lot of dancing, theater, stuff of that sort. Those pointe shoes are from the New York School of Ballet. Actual ballerina shoes. Probably danced in the Nutcracker at some point. I’d like to think mine was the Sugar Plumb Fairy. Anyway, how awesome is that?

Chillest table ever.

Speakers started and once again… Carrie Elle is my favorite. What can I say. This year she talked about budgeting.

 The other speaker that really stood out to me was Teresa Collins.

 The meat of her presentation was moving and encouraging, I suppose. I also think that I’m not much for this kind of motivational speaking. But, there was an exercise that really hit me hard.

We each had a post it, wrote down the “head trash” or things that people had said to us over the years that made us feel like shit. Which… I don’t dwell on for a reason. But ok… I wrote down all the shit that made me feel like shit. Then we ripped up the post it. Ok… still feel like shit. Then we had to throw it out – BUT since there were so many of us, we passed it to one person at our table so they could throw it out. 

So… Bring up all the things I’m insecure about during a really difficult period of my life and I don’t even get to dispose of my own “head trash”… I have to pass it off to someone else and hope they can’t figure out what my little pieces of insecurities are and use them against me? And now I’m left sitting here while we immediately change gears and start talking about your story?

NOPE. Cue the panic attack. I had to leave the room. I needed some follow through with that… like writing the good things about myself on another post it to keep in my planner… or a session with an actual board certified therapist. I’m still feeling rough over that.

Once I got back in the presentation was fine, I guess… I just felt like shit for the rest of the day.
Then it was Planjama, Bingo, and some Plan With Mes. Then it was time for bed.
But first… the obligatory swag shot.

Thank you SO much to my table sponsor, table mates, friends, event sponsors, and donors. It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait until next year!







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