2019 Planner Sticker Storage

If you don’t know about the paper planner community, or you haven’t spent any amount of time listening to me wax poetic about stickers, none of this will make any sense to you. However, if you have strong opinions about matte vs vinyl and have a list of etsy shops with promo codes and which influencer gets you which sampler… you’ll understand.

This past year I have been to 5, yes 5, different planner themed events. I’m going to number 6 this weekend. PLUS I have sub boxes and a weakness for etsy sales. All of this adds up to piles and piles of really cute stickers. A pile that fit in this cute little 12×12 container you found at Michael’s.

This was great because everything was just thrown in, contained, and I could just open it up and go when I was planning. It sucked because I kept buying more of the same stuff when I couldn’t find the exact thing I was looking for.

Something had to be done. Once I culled the herd, I started sorting stuff and I *think* I’ve come up with a solution that should get me through until at least June.

My freestanding sticker collection is currently completely contained in two 1-inch binders and five 4×6 photo albums. Not included are the sticker books because taking those apart is NOT worth the hassle.

Sticker Kits now live in these binders. I got them from “Office Depo Max Staples”. If you hold them at the right angle, they can blind your enemies.

 They’re labeled with some of the MAMBI alphabet stickers, and are split in 6 month sections.

Each page protector is labeled with these Kit labeling stickers I got in the Cricket Paper Co. Advent Calendar. (It’s ok… those days have already been opened.)

 I admit… I eyerolled so hard when I first saw these come out awhile back. Thought it was a little too “plan-ception” for me. Y’all… I’ve seen the light. Yes, you need to plan your planning if you’re gonna be using kits. Otherwise you buy 27 Christmas kits and there’s only 5 weeks MAX you can really justify using them.

What I really like about this is that now I can match leftovers and samplers to mini kits and get MORE use out of stuff.

 For example, I grabbed this candy heart kit at the Erin Condren store on sale. Found a sidebar from Bird’s Fly Studios that matched and tossed it in the page. As I go through samplers, I can toss those in too. Speaking of samplers…

Anything that is not a kit or a book now lives in a 4×6 photo album like so.

I freaking love these things. I find mine for like… under a buck at Walmart, but I’m sure you can find them on Amazon or the Dollar Store as well. They’re great for portable sticker storage or as a mini file/storage album in your Travelers Notebooks. But we’re talking about stickers… so back to that.
I spent a significant amount of time going through samplers, cutting down sheets, and sorting in to categories. Then I used some excess box stickers and labeled each album with what sections they housed.

Yes. I have political stickers. And I use them too.

What I love about these albums as storage is that my current collection, outside of kits and books, takes up less space than a Harry Potter book.

Photo next to the Rae Dunn holder for size purposes. Candy cane in the Rae Dunn holder because Christmas.

Look at that, though! If you are traveling and needing to take stickers… toss them in a 4×6 album! Heck, bring a bunch!

I’m hopeful that this is gonna sort out my situation game for the upcoming year. I can see that I do NOT need any kits for the first quarter of 2019. I can actually see and use what I have. I can get one step closer to that myth of “planner peace”.





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