The Recap Show

2018 has been a long, strange trip. Personally, I feel like the entire year has been a series of slight slow inclines to reach a GREAT moment in my life, only to come swiftly crashing down in a fireball. And not the fun drinking one or the Pitbull one.

As I’m dusting myself off from the last implosion that was November, I want to take a brief look back at some of my highlights of the year to shake away the doom and gloom and bring in a little joy.

January:Met Emily Ley at her book signing for A Simplified Life at Parnassis. Such a sweet person. I should reread that book…

February:There actually wasn’t much that happened this month that falls under *highlight*. But, it was a happy month. I felt good with where I was in my life; it wasn’t where I wanted to be per say, but it was on the right path.

March:I can’t mention March without mentioning the disaster that was Plannerland. But… I made some awesome new friends AND became a planner meme! So… win?

Also in March was a fantastic trip out to LA with my sister. I have a few posts about it: Daiso Japan Haul; SoCali Spam; and Disneyland Dreams. Still… some highlights from that:

At the Broad

Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Hollywood


April:April fucking sucked. And so did the month. And if you understand that, come sit by me, friend.

It was the first big crash of 2018. I wish I could tell you what happened that month, but I feel like I was just maintaining. I was there… but I wasn’t THERE. 

But, the Southern Planner Social Soiree was fun, because I got to hang with my crew. Plus, I didn’t become a meme this time!


It was so much fun. I spent my time with 3 other wonderful humans. Had a fantastic time listening to amazing speakers. Explored Austin. Determined that In & Out Burger is vastly superior to Whattaburger. Wonderful. I’m still finding confetti in my house… and I moved after this! I just bought my ticket for next year’s conference in Vegas and I’m SO excited.

 June: Moved to a new place. Then met Commander Riker in Knoxville.

 Also celebrated one year post kidney transplant. Which… that’s pretty fucking awesome.

July:I turned 30 and wore a bikini for the first time since 2015. Both are major life milestones. 

August:I road to Atlanta with 1,000 chicken wings. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. That was a really fun trip though.

September:After YEARS of wanting to do it, I bit the bullet and took an Improv class. It was better than therapy at cracking my anxiety. 

Then I went to New York for the Sugary Gal Shop New York Planner Conference. And saw Mean Girls on Broadway. And got my Starbucks at THE Times Square Starbucks.

October:After waiting since 1997 to see them, I FINALLY saw Hanson in Concert. 10 year old me was still sobbing over Taylor. Adult me has come to the conclusion that Isaac is where it’s at.

November:Fucking SUUUUUUCKED. It was basically a month to circle the wagons and regroup as a human. But, here are my positive takeaways:

  • I can do hard things.
  • I have good people in my life, and if I keep you in my life I consider you a good person.
  • My cat is finally becoming semi aware to other living beings emotions that are not her own.

… and December. Which is Today. Like… right now.

I have some things to look forward. Winter Plannerland. Christmas. The end of 2018. Plus, the lead up to Christmas is always fun… I already smell like a sugar cookie. Mmmmm…

Let’s finish this year off strong, eh?







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