Daiso Japan Haul

Seriously considered doing some cunning April Fools post. The thing is, I’m actually traveling back from vacation at the moment and don’t have the spare brain cells to be that cunning. What I do have is a bunch of stuff to show off.
I just spent a week in Southern California, which was fantastic. Saw family, went to Wizard World AND Disneyland, and didn’t accidentally drive in to Compton. But most importantly, for purposes of this post at least, I went to Daiso Japan.
For anyone not in the know, Daiso is basically the Japanese version of the dollar store. I believe most of their products are priced around 100 yen, or about $1.50 in US dollars. It’s super cute and kawaii, and gives the illusion of being better than the dollar store stuff at Budget Dollar even though I’m sure it’s pretty much the same.
Y’all. I went a little wild. This was my receipt.

 I spent roughly $90 in there. I am not ashamed. Here’s what I got.

To start, I got a bag. Partially because California charges you for bags and I figured I should get a reusable one if I should pay for it… and partially because I have a real “bag problem” if you know what I mean. 

Stationary: 5 packs of washi (two rolls in each), some post it notes, and some cat themed page flags. Yes, I have a use for every single one of the items. THE WASHI WAS CACTI AND PINEAPPLE I NEEDED IT! 

Magnetic hooks for my fridge, a sushi key chain, a sushi magnet (which was a gift), and a really handy earbud case that I have already made use of on the flight back. 

Oragami Paper, Emoji stickers big and small, and 3 packs of a5 notebook inserts. #plannergirlproblems 

Pens! Crown pens, brush pens, sushi pen, and adorable correction tape because I can’t spell to save my life. Seriously, that last sentence had all the red underlining…

Right proper Japanese Ramen. This with some leftover teriyaki and a tea egg? So good omg… 

MORE PENS! All but one was .38, but they are all lovely superfine tips.  

Assorted Kitchen stuff; including silicone molds for crafting/baking, two coffee mugs because I have another problem with those, cookie cutters for the gift closet, and a Kona coffee that was actually pretty refreshing considering how much milk was in it.

 Beauty things!! Eyelashes! Eyelash Case! Foot “detox” pads because why not?! A face mask that I think is charcoal! A Lime bag! A scrunchi! 

Last, but not least… THREE Popin’ Cookin’s. The dude who checked me out asked me if I knew that these weren’t really that great to eat. I assured him I had watched the Youtube videos and was a professional. So… This is probably gonna happen at some point this month… 

All tallied, there are 54 items in total including the duplicates I got. I’m pleased, both at my selection AND that I managed to fit it all in my suitcase. Now to figure out where to put it all in my house… 




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