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  • Nashville Christmas Pop-Up: Buddy’s Bar

    Nashville Christmas Pop-Up: Buddy’s Bar

    One of the things I love most about holidays in a city is the pop-up culture. When we saw that Dream Hotel had put up their Holiday themed pop-up bar, and it was Elf themed, we knew we had to stop by.

  • Going “Beyond Salmon” at Nashville’s Miel

    Going “Beyond Salmon” at Nashville’s Miel

    Miel is an interesting place. Billed as a French-inspired restaurant, they are dedicated to creating beautiful food and experiences that are elevated while also remaining hyper-local and sustainable.

  • How To: Pass Time Productively on a Long Flight

    How To: Pass Time Productively on a Long Flight

    I have been traveling a fair bit this year between my new job (which I can’t really call “new” too much longer… it’s been over 7 months) and planner events (which are really just sleepovers for grown women who love stickers). This has led to quite a few flights that have left me with a…

  • Practical Advice for Planner Events

    Practical Advice for Planner Events

    I am going to join the ever growing throng to give you another point of view on advice for going to your first Planner Event. Whether you’re “Going” with us to Vegas, or heading to one of the other planner events that are happening this year, allow me to pass along some wisdom.

  • Disneyland Dreams

    I want to be a Disney Princess. I’ve wanted to be a Disney Princess my whole life. Even at almost 30 when you ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I will answer “Disney Princess”. When we went to Disneyland for Spring Break, it was for ME. I hadn’t been since…

  • Daiso Japan Haul

    Seriously considered doing some cunning April Fools post. The thing is, I’m actually traveling back from vacation at the moment and don’t have the spare brain cells to be that cunning. What I do have is a bunch of stuff to show off.I just spent a week in Southern California, which was fantastic. Saw family, went…