The Target Christmas Cat Tree Tradition

Updated for 2022

I got Baby Cat in 2017 and like any anxious new mother I joined a bunch of Facebook groups to be told I was doing everything wrong all the time. But, I did find out about these Target Wonderland Cat Houses. Naturally I had to have one for my precious little baboo. It has ended up being one of my favorite Christmas traditions. The second year in, I started recording the building process as a fun memory. It’s become a whole thing.

Since I’m feeling nostalgic, I thought I’d take us on a trip down memory lane and share all 5 years of the Baby Cat Christmas House.

Christmas 2017 – The First Christmas

There’s no video or photos from the building of this cat house because I didn’t know it would become a thing. A lot of photos are also lost from that era currently because of a computer crash. I do have this photo though, to show that this was Baby Cat’s “crinkly paper” era.

Please note the cat on the couch watching Youtube Birds (probably)

Christmas 2018 – The First Video

I picked the single story house this year and decided to document it. If I remember correctly, this was during/after a particularly challenging patch in my life and I was clinging to Christmas as a return to “normalcy”. I also had no idea how to actually speed up videos so this one clocks in at a whopping two and half minutes. It’s fine if you skip to the end.

Christmas 2019 – The Best Video

This was a good year and I had learned some tricks on making time lapses. I applaud my choice of music for this one as well. I don’t know… I just really like this one

Christmas 2020 – The Pandemic Christmas

It’s safe to say we all struggled in 2020. I don’t think I uploaded this at the time, which is a shame because I think this was my favorite themed house.

Christmas 2021 – The Christmas Train From Hell

This year I went with the big boy of all the picks from Target; the Cat Train. I will never do it again. The second layer was ridiculously difficult to put together and that cat seems meh overall about it. The video is cute though.

Christmas 2022 – Back To Basics

After a few years of the “bigger and better” houses – and the haunting memories of last year’s train – we’ve downsized back to a small cottage, proving that bigger isn’t always better. Wouldn’t you know she likes her little house? All the better to pop out and terrify the dog with.

Here’s to kicking off the Christmas season! What are some of your favorite traditions?






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