2020 Year in Review

You know when you start a year, and you’re all excited about the promise of a new beginning and full of the hope and optimism that, even though their may be some bumps along the way, you’re ultimately on a path heading towards a greater good?

Yeah, 2020 destroyed all of that.

Clearly I’ve left this blog abandoned for a year. Hell, I’ve left my life abandoned for a year. Truthfully, between focusing on my job, my family, and myself, there just hasn’t been a ton of extra energy on my end to dedicate to being the shitty influencer I strive to embody. Some might say this makes me a crappy blogger. I say it makes me a better human.

In spite of 2020 being a Chernobyl style disaster and my anxiety stress response at an all time high, I’m still cautiously optimistic for the next year. Not because I think things will magically go back to the way they were (they won’t), but because I need to cling to this tiny glimmer of optimism or else I will drown myself in rosé and cheese.

Before we embark on the new journey that is 2021, let’s run though a quick bullet point list of how I spent my Year of the Pandemic.


  • Ended 2019 in Pasadena for Rose Parade
  • Made a dope ass Baby Yoda meme
  • Ended January really fucking sick. In hindsight… probably COVID.


  • Paid off my student loan debt
  • Otherwise, kinda uneventful month.
  • Could tell this Corona thing was gonna be shit though


  • Giant ass Nashville Tornado – March 3rd 2020
  • Last Work Trip – The American Rodeo – March 7th 2020
  • Last “Event” Attended – Glennon Doyle’s Untamed Book Tour – March 11th 2020
  • Last Work in Office Day – March 12th 2020
  • Started Working From Home – March 13th 2020
  • Last Time I Remember “Normal” – March 14th 2020


  • anxiety


  • anxiety


  • anxiety but now sweaty
  • Hid in the woods for a week


  • Celebrated the 32nd Anniversary of my Birth with flaming doughnuts as I awoke
  • One Year Anniversary with Matt


  • End of August we moved in together. D’aww
  • Became Dog-Mom


  • anxiety, but distracted by setting up a new household


  • I think Halloween Happened?


  • But more anxiety over that whole mess


  • Christmas. That was Nice.
  • Also Downtown Nashville Blew Up.

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