2019 By The Numbers

A new year has come; everyone has moved from their Christmas festivites to their decluttering and fitness challenges. Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up a work trip, so it doesn’t really feel like 2019 has fully ended yet. While I get myself situated back home and ready for next week; enjoy some infographics I made while bored one night in my hotel room.

This seems like a weird thing to add up, but when you have a chronic condition, you (and your bank account) are acutely aware of how many times you go to the ER during the year. 2019 was good; only two visits and both were for very minor situations – heat related swelling and stitches.

Along with some preplanned traveling, I started a new job that requires me to travel more. I think this is the most airplanes I’ve been on in a year.

Likewise the most states I’ve hit up in one year.

In 2019, I defined my style philosophy as “Can I wear this with black leggings?”. The answer is yes… yes I can. I wore them out and had to replenish quite a few pairs. A moment of silence for my fallen comrades.

I actually managed to finish my GoodReads challenge this year. I got some reviews up in the Books section of this blog.

Two Ten Jack is my favorite place in Nashville. I’m actually surprised I haven’t gone more.

If you are ever wanting a kick in the butt to get some motivation to pay more attention to your spending, count up your Amazon orders. So much useless stuff…

This year was the year of Planner upheaval. My day to day live and organization needs changed drastically and it took me a while to figure out where to go to get things in a productive flow.

What are some of your 2019 “Numbers”?






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