The “It’s Going To Be OK” Challenge

Real talk for a hot minute; life is currently bit… well… let’s call it busy. Had a few curve balls thrown at me in the past week. It all got sorted. Side eye was given to the appropriate people (you know who you are). All in all, it’s fine. Nobody is on fire.

Sunday night, it was NOT fine though. One of the great “perks” of anxiety is that it takes a perfectly reasonable or slightly irritating situation (applying for a new apartment, and the running around that goes along with it) and makes it the END OF THE WORLD. So, while hyperventilating over the extremely unlikely situation of having to live in my car with my cat, I did a little bit of what I like to call “Fix My Problem Googling”; type in whatever is bothering you in a statement and let the great unknown algorithm attempt to fix your problems. And I came across this wonderful post from Evergreen Counseling listing 101 Reasons Why It Will All Be Okay. It’s a great list with great resources and worth a bookmark for the next time you feel overwhelmed with life.

After reading that, and screaming in to the void a little more, I got to thinking….

Source: A Dead Tumblr Account

… although that is a fantastic list that is full of really good legitimate resources and advice, it would be a good self-care exercise to make my own version with items specific to me so that when I’m doing the anxiety brain pacing, I can reference it and get a dose of reality as it relates to me. I’m not one for the whole “positive culture” (I actually think that mindset is kinda toxic), but I do believe in the study of positive psychology and finding the aspects within yourself to help bring you out of your dark patches.

Make a list! Find 10 things that remind you that everything is going to be OK. Not a gratitude list or things that make you happy (although those are good too), but a list of things that reaffirm that everything will work out and that there is still good in the world. You can scribble it on a napkin or make it into a vision board. I don’t care. I just want you to make a list. If you want to share, tag me on Instagram @glitterandprofanity or post it on my Facebook page.

With that and in no particular order, I present my 10 Ways Everything Is Going To Be Ok.

1: I’ve made it this far and through far worse challenges. I have the wherewithal to take on those challenges, even if I stomp my feet like a toddler while doing so.

2: I can, and do, function fairly well as an adult when I actually make the effort.

3: This Charlie Chaplin Quote:


4: There is a 3rd person showing signs of being cured from HIV.

5: I can do hard things. I can walk away when I know I’ve had enough. I can say no to people I care about.

6: This Tina Fey Quote:

Source: Marie Claire

7: I have a group of strong and powerful women, both friends and family, that have faith in me when I don’t have faith in myself.

8. Anxiety actually has legitimate benefits, like always having backup plans and being able to anticipate problems before they happen.

9. This video of voice actor, Rob Paulsen, talking about battling throat cancer.

10. Things like the Internet and Google exist, making it possible to find answers, solutions, and other people in your situation without having to leave your house or talk to another person. 10 seconds of frantic typing and then you can see that you’re not alone in whatever is troubling you, others have survived it, and here’s how you can too.

Write your lists. Keep them handy. Add to them as needed. You’ll thank yourself later.







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