5 Star Rating System

(Updated 9/5/2021)

When I’m not playing with my adult-level sticker book or being sassy on the internet, you can find me reading. I love to read and I love to talk about the books I’m reading. What I don’t love is trying to quantify them. However, it does seem to be helpful to give some visual indication on how I feel about the things I read. So, after much thought and a late night cup of coffee, I have come up with my star rating system.

Did Not Finish – DNF

This should be fairly self explanatory, I did not finish the book. Usually this is because it either did not suit me at that time (and I might pick it back up later and try again), or I did not like it for some reason. I probably will not post any reviews on any of these unless they are epically bad or highly riffable.

One Star

Honestly, I don’t see the point of a 1 star rating. I think of this as a spite read… I don’t like it but I felt I had to finish it for some reason. Probably was a required reading book of some sort. I bet the pages are sticky too. Rude.

Two Stars


If you’ve ever played Rhythm Heaven on Nintendo DS, I want you to hear the “Just OK” noise when you see this rating. This means the book wasn’t bad, but it was a solid meh. I probably took at least a little something away from it though.

Three Stars


Although this is the official “middle ground” of the star rating system, I would say that 3 stars is more heavily weighted on the “good” side than the “bad”. This was a decent read; maybe a little light or not exceptionally memorable but kept me enough to see it through.

Four Stars


You know the feeling when you take first big drink of a McDonalds Coke and make that involuntary “ah!” sigh after you swallow. This book made me feel the same way. Enjoyable. Refreshing. Perhaps even worth a reread down the road. I might not keep the book on my shelf forever but I will be hard pressed to give it away.

Five Stars


5 stars, baby! This must have been a really great read! Maybe it was the single best piece of written content I’ve ever laid eyeballs on. Maybe it just touched on the right nerve at the right time. Whatever it is, it probably made me cry. I’m probably going to keep this book forever and reread it multiple times. I will buy you your own copy instead of lending it to you.







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