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  • Practical Advice for Planner Events

    Practical Advice for Planner Events

    I am going to join the ever growing throng to give you another point of view on advice for going to your first Planner Event. Whether you’re “Going” with us to Vegas, or heading to one of the other planner events that are happening this year, allow me to pass along some wisdom.

  • The “It’s Going To Be OK” Challenge

    The “It’s Going To Be OK” Challenge

    I present my 10 Ways Everything Is Going To Be Ok.

  • I Don’t Want A Hobonichi

    I Don’t Want A Hobonichi

    I see it all over my Instagram. The twee vertical layout with the doodles everywhere, the avalanche of new kits by my favorite shops, the near constant display of new planners written in Japanese. The Hobonichi craze has arrived and I am surrounded by skinny notebooks with dainty lines and weird paper. I’m not new…

  • JetPens Purple Gel Pens Sampler Test

    JetPens Purple Gel Pens Sampler Test

    Jet Pens is an awesome resource if you are pen obsessed, like myself. One of the cool things they do is that they offer sampler packs in different colors so you can try a plethora of different pens and find which ones work best for you. The link to my set can be found right…

  • Plan With Me Video & My Current Planner Layout

    Plan With Me Video & My Current Planner Layout

    I’m gonna be honest… I don’t understand the whole appeal of Plan With Me videos in their full 27 minute glory. Speed them up and set them to music, and I’m there! So, that’s what I did this week… Make the content you want to see, right?

  • Make Anything Happen Book Review

    Make Anything Happen Book Review

    Mini Fangirl Confession: I love Carrie Elle. I have seen her speak twice (at two Winter Planner-Lands) and regularly peep her instagram and blog when I should be doing other things. She’s one of the people in the Planner-verse I find extremely relatable. When I saw she had a book at her booth this year…

  • How To: Sticker Book

    How To: Sticker Book

    If you’re like me, you’re an adult woman who owns a LOT of stickers. And if you’re like me, you are in a constant churning process of getting rid of “trash”. The problem of these two simultaneous occurring things is that you possess a lot of mostly empty sticker sheets that should go in to…

  • Winter Plannerland 2018

    Winter Plannerland 2018

    This marks my 6th, that’s right, 6th planner event of 2018. I might be in deep. So, I drove to Atlanta to hang out with my friends and go play with stickers at an annual event called Winter Plannerland. I went last year, and it was amazing. This year, I have my planner squad and…

  • December Weekly Layouts

    Initially, I thought I’d be taking off from Atlanta early in the A.M. and home by afternoon to do something fun and witty. Instead, there was “winter weather” and since this is the South and they don’t do 4WD, I delayed and took off much later. So let me take this opportunity to show off…