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  • Disneyland Dreams

    I want to be a Disney Princess. I’ve wanted to be a Disney Princess my whole life. Even at almost 30 when you ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I will answer “Disney Princess”. When we went to Disneyland for Spring Break, it was for ME. I hadn’t been since […]

  • Daiso Japan Haul

    Seriously considered doing some cunning April Fools post. The thing is, I’m actually traveling back from vacation at the moment and don’t have the spare brain cells to be that cunning. What I do have is a bunch of stuff to show off.I just spent a week in Southern California, which was fantastic. Saw family, went […]

  • My Kidney Failure Story

    Today is Word Kidney Day. I’ve thought a lot about making this post and what exactly I want to say in it. Obviously this is a topic that is quite personal. Yesterday was my 9 month kidney transplant anniversary.  Being that it is quite an emotional topic still, I want to say the following and leave […]