Easy DIY Halloween Shadowbox Shaker

It’s Spooky Season, y’all! Time to embrace your inner glitter goth and get crafty!

Halloween is a celebration of so many things I love – the macabre, playing dress-up, sugar highs… a perfect mix of dark gothic aesthetic and bright shiny baubles. It’s a perfect playground for some crafty fun. And, as with any holiday, nothing gets me going like some arts & crafts DIY mess making.

I’ve seen holiday themed shadowboxes on Pinterest for years now, and have been meaning to make some. What I’ve discovered is that this is a near perfect craft.

  • Low on mess, high on visual impact
  • Easy to adjust to fit any occasion or holiday
  • Great way to use up some of your stash items
  • Can get most of these supplies on the cheap at dollar stores
  • Depending on the frames you use, can be done with younger ages
  • You can swap out the filler to fit your decor or tastes as they change – or if you want to use the beads for another project

3 items. 3 steps. It’s practically fool-proof. There’s no reason to not to give this one a try.

The Supplies:

This is a super easy DIY: you really only need 3 things.

Shadowbox Frame: This is a generic one I found on Amazon – I bought a bunch for a super secret Christmas project I’m cooking up. Realistically, any size/shape will do. Just know that the bigger the shadow box, the more beads you’re gonna need.

Vinyl Decal: I found some super cute SVG sets on Esty by Twingenuity Graphics, and used my Cricut Joy to cut one out. Alternatively, it’s pretty easy to design some snazzy text and clip art on Canva if you’re feeling inspired. If you don’t have a cutting machine of some sort, there are shops that sell pre-cut vinyl options.

If you don’t have access to vinyl or a cutter or just want another option, I suggest stickers. Shop your stash.

Beads: I don’t know how or why pony beads became a hot thing again, but I’m so here for it. The combo I ended up with is particularly beautiful. Roll that beautiful bead footage!

These are all from Amazon. You can find the pumpkins here, and the purple “berry” mix here. I also ended up dipping into my rainbow collection to bring in a little more orange and green to the party.

The Assembly:

Y’all. This is stupid easy to put together.

  1. Apply vinyl to clean glass (carefully!)
  2. Cover the back panel of the shadow box with some suitable background (I used black paint)
  3. Dump in beads until it’s as full as you want it (more is better imo)

The hardest part of the process was making this TikTok.


DIY Halloween Shaker Shadowbox 🎃. Put those pony beads to use! Links to supplies used on my blog: glitterandprofanity.com #halloween #haloweencrafts #ponybeads #spookyseason

♬ Halloween Party – MaxMusicMax

The Finished Product:

I mean… I think it’s pretty damn cute. Even my boyfriend admitted it was “dope”. Plus, if I decide on a different color scheme for next halloween, it’s easy to open up the back and swap out the beads for different colors – or use a different filler all together.

What other DIY crafts do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!






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