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  • World Kidney Day 2019

    World Kidney Day 2019

    Since it is World Kidney Day, I thought I’d do a little Q&A.

  • 3 Years Post Kidney Failure

    A question I get asked a lot is “How are you doing?”. I hate that question. Nobody really wants more than a one word answer, and the truth is… it’s complicated. For the most part, I’m doing really well. Transplant is doing well. I’m moving forward in my life. I have a really cute cat.

  • My Kidney Failure Story

    Today is Word Kidney Day. I’ve thought a lot about making this post and what exactly I want to say in it. Obviously this is a topic that is quite personal. Yesterday was my 9 month kidney transplant anniversary.  Being that it is quite an emotional topic still, I want to say the following and leave…