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  • Yes, You Can Be Denied A Transplant If You’re Not Vaccinated (and that’s not new)

    Yes, You Can Be Denied A Transplant If You’re Not Vaccinated (and that’s not new)

    You’re trusting your doctor to either perform Frankenstein-like procedures on your body or to keep you alive with machines that filter your blood and literally drain your life force; but a vaccine is too far?

  • Let’s Talk about the KUPA

    Well friends, there is a hot new topic with a catchy name that gives a word to the biggest thorn in my vanity side; The K.U.P.A. and we have Sarah Hyland to thank.

  • Don’t “Shake Up” my Kidney Care.

    Don’t “Shake Up” my Kidney Care.

    Sometimes you read an article that you need to respond to and it’s just too damn long for a Facebook post. See also: Me, reading this piece from Politico on the Trump Administration’s plans to “Shake Up” Kidney Care.

  • OTC and Me

    OTC and Me

    Three points you need to know before I start this rant: I’m sick with a really bad cold I’m post Kidney Transplant When you’re post Kidney Transplant, you can’t take ANYTHING over the counter outside of Tylenol and Benadryl Most of the time, I’m cool with that. Thankfully, knock on wood, I still seem to…

  • 3 Years Post Kidney Failure

    A question I get asked a lot is “How are you doing?”. I hate that question. Nobody really wants more than a one word answer, and the truth is… it’s complicated. For the most part, I’m doing really well. Transplant is doing well. I’m moving forward in my life. I have a really cute cat.

  • My Kidney Failure Story

    Today is Word Kidney Day. I’ve thought a lot about making this post and what exactly I want to say in it. Obviously this is a topic that is quite personal. Yesterday was my 9 month kidney transplant anniversary.  Being that it is quite an emotional topic still, I want to say the following and leave…