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  • Nashville Christmas Pop-Up: Buddy’s Bar

    Nashville Christmas Pop-Up: Buddy’s Bar

    One of the things I love most about holidays in a city is the pop-up culture. When we saw that Dream Hotel had put up their Holiday themed pop-up bar, and it was Elf themed, we knew we had to stop by.

  • The Target Christmas Cat Tree Tradition

    The Target Christmas Cat Tree Tradition

    I got Baby Cat in 2017 and soon found out about the Target Christmas Cat Houses. It’s become my favorite tradition.

  • December Weekly Layouts

    Initially, I thought I’d be taking off from Atlanta early in the A.M. and home by afternoon to do something fun and witty. Instead, there was “winter weather” and since this is the South and they don’t do 4WD, I delayed and took off much later. So let me take this opportunity to show off […]